Privacy Policy

Article 1: Personal Data Protection

Data is collected by: SAS TUDDL registered under the number 832 171 920 at the Paris RCS. Only authorized managers can process the data for the purpose described at article 1.2. These authorized managers only have access to the data necessary to the performance of their duty. TUDDL can also contract with authenticated and reliable subcontractors that can access, host and/or process some of the personal data on the behalf of TUDDL and according to its instructions with respect to the Privacy Policy, and must guarantee the security and confidentiality of Member’s personal data. These subcontractors allow TUDDL among other things to establish statistics on the volume of traffic and/or the use of the app and/or ensure the smooth operation of the service.

1.2 Purpose of the process of personal data by TUDDL

The data collected by TUDDL is necessary to the smooth operation and improvement of the service proposed by the App to the Members. This data can also allow TUDDL to realize statistical studies and marketing analysis relating to the use of the App and its services by the Members. It allows TUDDL to send promotional messages from advertisers and other partners via the Application. TUDDL can also transfer non personally identifiable data of its Members to such advertisers and partners. The Member can opt-out of transferring non personally identifiable data by turning on the Operating System”s “Limited Ad Tracking” option. TUDDL can access, store and share the Member’s personal data with authorized third parties in order to answer to a legal demand or to conform itself to legal obligations, to detect or prevent fraudulent activities or security attempt to the services, in application of the legislation.

1.3 Fair Collection of Personal Data / Type of data collected

Identity data: The registration form must be completed in order to access the full Services, and TUDDL collects the data from Facebook, via Facebook Connect, to simplify the process. Members are required to provide some personal data when registering: Photos: the Member must at least provide their public Facebook profile picture. His/her first name Location Data (geo-tracking): TUDDL has for main purpose and vocation to allow Members to remember the places they have visited and to see places their friends visited or recommend. The Member will be asked for permission to collect and process geolocation in order to allow TUDDL to provide friends' recommandation in the area. TUDDL may, in case of express consent, access the Member's position, approximately or more precisely depending on which technology is being used. TUDDL does not track the movements and/or itinerary of its Members. The Member is free to withdraw his/her consent at any time, and deactivate the geo-tracking technology on his smartphone. Transaction Data: TUDDL does not collect or process any bank data. The Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Windows Phone Store have opted to refrain from sending certain data to mobile applications, which includes any banking and financial information. Such data is collected and processed solely by the above platforms, and TUDDL does not have the option of changing this payment method. Mobile Data: When the Member uses the Application, TUDDL collects server logs which may include information such as IP addresses, operating systems or application crashes. TUDDL cannot access its Members' browsing history.

1.4 Complementary information concerning the data collected

TUDDL ensures that the personal data the Member has published on the Application is strictly invisible to non-registered internet users and third parties. TUDDL cannot be held liable for data published on its platform and disclosed by a Member.

1.5 Member Rights

In accordance with Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, known as the loi Informatique et Libertés (French Data Protection Act), each Member has the right to access, correct and contest his/her personal data. TUDDL is attentive to its Members' concerns, and therefore undertakes to comply with personal data protection rules and deal with requests of this kind as soon as possible. Subject to proof of identity, Members may exercise their rights by sending a letter or e-mail to The right to access allows the Member to ask TUDDL for data pertaining to him/her in an accessible format, based on Article 39 of the French Data Protection Act. The right to correct grants the Member the right to ask TUDDL to correct, add to, update or delete any personal data pertaining to him/her which is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, out-of-date, or whose use, communication or storage is prohibited based on Article 40 of the French Data Protection Act; The right to contest grants the Member the free-of-charge and discretionary right to contest the use of its data by TUDDL for the purpose of commercial prospection, based on Article 38 of the French Data Protection Act. The right to cancel grants the Member the right to ask the suppression free of charge of the data transmitted to TUDDL within the limit of the legal obligation imposed to TUDDL as a hosting provider. The right for the Member to set his or her guidelines for the retention, deletion and communication of his or her personal data after his or her death, based on Article 40-1 of the French Data Protection Act. These rights may only be exercised within the limits of TUDDL’s resources as regards its linking with Facebook Connect. Some of the data is sent to TUDDL by Facebook Connect and cannot be corrected without Facebook's assistance.

1.6 Storage of Personal Data

TUDDL will store the Member's personal data for as long as required in order for the Member to use his/her Account. The Member is however informed that all of his/her personal data shall be stored for one year after his/her account is deleted so that it can be reallocated if the Member signs up again. Pursuant to the Decree of 25 February 2011 pertaining to the retention and communication of data, the retention period applied to TUDDL is calculated from the moment the content is created for data referred to by 1° and 2° of Article 6, II of the French Trust in the Digital Economy Act, i.e.: The username used to log in which is at the source of the communication; The username assigned to the content by the information system; The protocol types used; The operation type; The operation dates and times; The username used by the originator of the operation if provided by the latter. The retention period applied to TUDDL is calculated from the moment the agreement is cancelled or the profile is deleted for the data referred to by 3° of the same Article, i.e.: First names and surnames Linked e-mail address TUDDL undertakes to make every effort and to invest all means at its disposal in order to guarantee that the stored data is as secure as possible. It is however the Member's responsibility to take appropriate action in order to protect his/her data. TUDDL shall not collect data from minors. Should a Member lie about his/her date of birth, and particularly if he/she fraudulently claims to be over 18 years of age, the parents of the minor in question may inform TUDDL of this by sending an email to in order to request that the data be deleted. TUDDL undertakes to delete all data on the minor in question as soon as possible.

1.7 Transfer of Personal Data outside the EU

When registering, the Member expressly consents to his/her data being transmitted to subcontractors and hosted on servers by our service providers outside the European Union, for proper provision of the service, to the end of elaborating statistical studies and for the purpose of providing customer care support to Members. TUDDL guaranties that the transfers are made in conditions ensuring the confidentiality and security of the data and providing for an adequate level of protection with respect to the article 68 and 69 of the French “Loi informatique et Liberté” of 1978.

1.8 Data deletion policy

All requests to delete your personal data will be handled within 24 hours.
Write an email at with the same email you used to sign up.